Friday, November 27, 2015

Jessica Jones Season 1

I wanted to like Jessica Jones - I really did - and sure, there were some aspects of the show that I did like but in the end it just did not have enough going on for it to be my new favorite show.

I think it might have been a good show, even and awesome show if it stood on it's own two feet. However, it is part of the Marvel canon and that baggage brings it down a little. The show is gritty with plenty of noir thrown in for good measure. But that's the problem. You see, our favorite summer blockbuster franchise - of which Jessica Jones is a part - just isn't that way. Iron Man or Captain America are through and through comic book movies. They have plenty of banter and big explosions but no gore or trying to grapple with ethical issues.

Jessica Jones is trying to be a serious show about trauma and PTSD and even rape. But the repeated invocation of the 'heroes', of the 'incident' in New York kind of bring it down a notch. And that isn't the only problem with the show. It's also highly derivative. The treatment of supernatural powers was very reminiscent or 'Heroes'. There are powers but there are no capes or aliens or magical technology. Noir itself is something that DC does better than Marvel.

I wish they had been a little more light-hearted about this show. Toned down the grim-dark aesthetic a little bit. Or toned up a supernatural. It's not a bad show and I will be binging Season 2, whenever that comes out.