Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freedom and Equality

Freedom and Equality have to go hand in hand. Because if we are not equal, is it not okay for some of us to enslave others?

The unsaid assumption of every religion is that we are better, or at least more special, than others. And since we are special, it's okay for us to treat others differently. Thus, any ideology rooted in religion cannot, by it's very nature, ensure equality for all. And hence Freedom, by it's very nature, needs to be an ideal separate from religion.


  1. What if I extend this and say, "Humanity is my religion." Does this mean that I implicitly consider the human race to be more special than, say, chimps? squirrels even?

  2. When I think if religion, I'm thinking of a belief system based upon a supernatural entity. E.g. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc. What are you thinking of?