The Three C's of Being Human

There are three human emotions that as as fundamental to being human as any other.

We all feel compassion for others. Some of us feel compassion for every being in this universe. Some people feel compassion for the environment or for animals. So feel compassion for fellow human beings. But even if you do not, you might at least feel compassion for your family, your parents, spouse or children. And if not even that, then at least you feel compassion for yourself. Or have, at some time. Compassion is a deeply human emotion.

All of us have felt curiosity at some time or another. As children, we were intensely curious. That curiosity helped us learn how to talk and what to like and what to not like. Even as adults we retain a fair amount of that curiosity. You might not be at the frontiers of science asking the cutting edge questions, but you at least read a new word in the newspaper and wonder what it means. Being curious defines us as human beings.

Human beings are makers. Over the course of our lives, we make a thousand things. Creativity can manifest itself in myriad ways. Perhaps you came up with a clever way to plug that leak in your plumbing. Or maybe you devised a smart shorthand while taking notes in class. As humans we are infinitely creative.


  1. While the three C's help us be better human being, the 3R's make use better professionals.

    1) Respect
    2) Rigor
    3) Responsibility

    3C's and 3R's make use just awesome :)

  2. I don't think that either curiosity or creativity are emotions, though. One can be very dispassionately curious.

  3. Emotions, from Latin emovere "move out, remove, agitate ... from ex- "out" (see ex-) + movere "to move" so in that sense are emotions because they move you to do something.


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