Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Thing to Understand about Internet Privacy

Is that the internet is a public space. Just like real spaces, the level of you privacy varies. You could be exchanging emails with your spouse, and just like bedroom conversations, these will most probably remain private unless someone really comes digging for it. You could shout something out on facebook or twitter. Only your friends will hear it, but you never know who is gossiping to whom and where the word will reach. Finally you may write something on your blog and it's there for everyone to read.

Whatever you write, the internet is a public place. Do not say or write something that you will not say in public.

The second, also important, thing to understand is that the internet is not akin to speaking. It is akin to putting up printed notices and fliers. Everything is at least semi-permanent and hard to destroy or deny. So whenever you post something on the internet, think of it as posting something on the notice board in your own handwriting.


  1. I have this problem with Twitter where for some strange reason I keep thinking that tweeting something is like talking to myself, and that nobody will ever see the tweets. So then I get all flustered and weirded out when I see people actually responding to the tweets.

  2. Yeah I once got into a serious argument with the Raj Comics guys when I shared artworks from their comic books showing their plagiarism on facebook. Everyone at RC was like ..... gurr .. hiss fuss... ^_^