Friday, February 11, 2011

Secularism is Not Anti-God?!

Read this new item where a Gujarat High Court has declared that secularism is not "anti-god" and that it is perfectly okay to perform a religious ceremony to mark the start of construction of a public building. (Via: The Indian Cow.)

Secularism is interpreted in different ways in different countries. In the US, the guiding principle is 'separation of church and state'. That is, the government does no religion. In India, the government does all religions. They sponsor both the Kailash Mansarovar and the Hajj pilgrimages.

However, the problem with the Indian interpretation is that of favoritism. If the state does all the religions, what stops it from having a favorite one. In this particular case, why was a Hindu ceremony performed, as opposed to, say reading verses from the Quran?

Why is no consideration given to how the minorities feel about a Brahminical ceremony being performed for a public building that they have an equal stake in?

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  1. Sensible question! For the state of affirs in India now, it is better in the interest of the country to chnage the definition of secularism to keep it away from all religions!