Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introducing - The Indian Cow

Today I want to introduce you all to The Indian Cow - an India centric content aggregator. 

We all love to share links on facebook and twitter. Often these status updates and tweets are private and meant only for our friends. But we, the folks are The Indian Cow, thought, why not make it a thing? Of course, the idea is nothing new, there are at least a thousand, if not a million blogs out there sharing nothing but links. But hey, we're special! **insert random marketing jargon here**

We believe that a void has been left behind in the wake of (now defunct) Desipundit and (almost defunct) BlogBharti. We aim to fill this void. We are also...

Bah, we're just doing it for fun. We hope you will enjoy the links we share and have good conversations about them. That's all.

So head over now to our website and subscribe via RSS or email. Or follow us on twitter @theindiancow. We even have a facebook page!

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