Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sharing an Experience Changes It

One thing to note about blogging is that it changes the way you experience things. The experiences is not pure, untainted any more. Instead it's marred by the urge to share it later on.

No longer do you see a movie without thinking - oh, I can write about that. No longer do you visit a place without thinking - oh, I need to point this out in my blog post. No longer do you read a book without a notebook by your side to take notes.

The internet and the sharing of experiences that it enables is changing the way we experience life. People now click photographs to share them on facebook, make family videos to upload on youtube and record their singing at parties to create a podcast. Each experience is experienced with the acute awareness that it is going to be seen and heard by, if not thousands, then at least hundreds of people.

The internet is turning all of us into artists into some sense. Artists are often likened to voyeurs and prostitutes. They make a living by leeching of the experiences of others and by sharing what is most intimate to themselves. The internet is turning all of us into voyeurs and prostitutes.


  1. oh... that's gonna hurt the kids who spend so much time wondering what they're gonna share next...!

    my contention here...
    voyeurs sure...but prostitutes... that's exaggerating a bit for an artist...

    but i do agree that experiences are not individualized anymore... people tend to experience things with an audience in their mind... it is almost as if sharing with the community is the greater goal in life... credit to the Internet

    an apt title to the post... liked your post!!


  2. @sanz360: Thanks! I don't want to label anything at good or bad in this post. Just that things are changing.