Man vs. Machine

It seems rather curious to me that while various US universities are embracing the internet like second sking - getting facebook pages and twitter accounts and what not - IITK should be thinking about limiting internet access and mobile phones. Why this different in outlook towards technology?

One group of people think that technology is just a tool. These people see technology as something inert, of itself neither good or bad. For them, it is we, the humans, who decide how to use technology and define whether it is benefitial or not. The classic example is nuclear technology which can be used both to produce electricity and bomb innocent people.

The other group of people are inherently suspcious of technology. The believe that the use of technology is going to inevitably corrupt. Such people believe that technology is not inert, that it affects human behaviour to the extent that it leaves us with no choice, no control over how we use it.

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  1. What is the average age of the faculty at the IITK campus ??

  2. Probably very high. But then I wouldn't guess American universities to be any different. The president of OSU is 66 and he chooses to participate in a flash mob on campus:

    Can't imagine IITK director doing the same!


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