Monday, January 24, 2011


It is said that ignorance is bliss. True perhaps for the ignoramuses but for those of us who know better, it certainly is no bliss to deal with them. I admit, with some shame, that as a schookid I had little or no patience with classmates who weren't as 'smart' as I was. When I went to college, I wasn't the smartest guy around anymore. Yet, I still harbored a mild disdain for those who knew less than me.

I'm certainly not alone. I've seen people often complain about ignorance. Videos of how stupid Americans are, abound. Fellow bloggers complain about the poor level of knowledge among the people they interact with.

I have come to realize that it's not so much ignorance that pisses me off as the lack of willingness to learn. A person who didn't know something wouldn't piss me off as long as they said - hey, I don't know, tell me. Or, hey, I don't know, let's find out.

But it angers me when people say, I don't care or just believe the wrong thing.


  1. while it is understandable to dislike ppl who believe wrong things, i do not see why a person's choice of not knowing should be a reason for disliking him. Just because you have a liking towards knowledge doesnt mean everyone should have it. why should one be always willing to learn if he is happy without it? why should i find things out when i have no interest in them?

  2. Because ignorant people cause harm to themselves and the society. In the old days, they killed people by not knowing which plants were safe to eat. In the modern world, they sit blissfully idle as social and economic injustices and environmental disasters rage around them.

  3. Not that 'knowledgeable' ppl have caused any less harm. Just that ignorant may kill without any intention of doing so while the knowledgeable would do that knowingly.
    also depends a lot on the kind of knowledge we are talking about. A terrorist, in spite of high level of education and great knowledge of a subject, is an ignorant fool for me. At the same time, some random illiterate old man who doesnt even know that the earth is round (and he may not even be interested in knowing that as the shape of earth is not going to affect his life in any way) but who teaches his grandchildren to live an honest and hardworking life is a wise man for me.....