Thursday, December 09, 2010

Don’t Do Zazen When You Want to Do It

I’ve been practicing Zazen meditation for a few months now. As a newbie to meditation, it’s been a challenge incorporating Zazen in my life. The first and foremost issue of course was making time for it in my daily schedule. I started with doing meditation in the evening after getting back from work. This worked for me because that’s when I felt least guilty about taking time out for myself. Also, I am not an early riser.

But as I progressed in my practice I discovered that it also tended to become an escape mechanism. Procrastination is a major problem for me and Zazen became a way to avoid work. As soon as I was faced with work that I didn’t want to do I’d sit down to do meditation. The good think about Zazen is that as you watch your thoughts flit about in your cranium, their nature becomes evident soon.

So here’s what I did.

I’ve now decided on a strict timetable. I do not do meditation outside of the allotted time. The funny thing is, once you allot a fixed time, you never feel like doing it at that time. And once that time is passed you feel like doing it all the time – to avoid doing something else.

Hence – don’t do Zazen when you want to do it. Do it when you’re required to do it.


  1. How exactly did you get started on the whole Zazen/mindfulness thing?

  2. Meditation has been developed into a secular therapy for depression, anxiety and stress reduction.

    I attended an 8 week workshop on MBSR here at the university. That got me started on the whole thing.

  3. So awesome that you're blogging so regularly again. And you're meditating? WOW. I've been meaning to get back to it since a while and after my post today and reading that even you can find the time, I think tomorrow would be the day! :)

  4. @Instinctive Curiosity: Have been doing both for a couple of months now. You need to be more present on the interwebs. :P :)