Use a Notebook to Focus Yourself at Work

I often use writing in a notebook to focus myself at work. It works as follows. I always keep a notebook alongside me as I work. To begin, I write down what I need to do next. Then, any possibly thoughts that come to my mind. Perhaps breaking down the problem into smaller steps. Perhaps resources that I need to gather in order to complete the task. Then I begin doing it. Even as I am doing the job, I keep writing what is getting done and what needs to be done next. Like a mind-map. Even random thoughts and distractions go into the notebook.

I find this method brings me to focus very quickly. There is something about seeing your thoughts written out in solid ink on paper that makes them very concrete and imperative. It also helps you organise your thoughts and eliminates the need to mentally keep track of everything. It frees up the mind to do the task at hand.

There is a possibly pit fall to this method though. If you become too obsessed with the notebook, it’s going to become a distraction in its own right. I often let go of the notebook altogether once I find my ‘flow’ or my ‘zone’. Do not be attached to you notebook!


  1. That's indeed a good idea ! Mind-Mapping works! :D

  2. I love note-taking. It is second skin to me. Even if I sit to read a book with no academic goals, i always scribble bits into the pages.
    Alos like you I use my notebook to organize thoughts. No Reminder Calender works for me as well as those to-dos written don in my hand-writing sometimes tracing steps to achieve the objective.
    In short. Love it!

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