Friday, November 26, 2010

Should Stop Saying Indian

I guess everyone in India grows up having a soft of dual identity. At least people in my generation do. There’s part of us that’s very western, that watches Hollywood movies and listens to rock music. But at the same time loves to eat out at their favorite dhaba secretly fantasizes about their crush in a sari.

Living in the US now, I can’t help but be more and more divided.

That’s why my reactions to anything are often colored with the differences between India and the US. I often find myself saying Indians are such and such and this is the way they do it in the US. And every time I post these thoughts on my blog, I’m gently (or vehemently) reminded by my readers that, deep down, things aren’t quite all that different.

Often I have to agree with them.

Perhaps I should just stop using words like ‘Indians’, ‘Americans’, ‘western’ and ‘eastern’. Human nature is human nature, after all.

Where does stereotyping stop and characterization begin? Is such characterization any use at all?

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