Monday, November 01, 2010

Mindfulness and Non-Judgemental Attitude

When we do mindful meditation we need to maintain a non-judgemental attitude. We need to suspend judgement about the thoughts and ideas arising in our minds and if we do find ourselves judging them, we need to suspend judgement about this judgement itself.

This is the part of meditation that I find most difficult to stick to. And indeed, this is the part that is the most difficult. More often than not we are unusually harsh on ourselves and tell ourselves stories that are too negative or pessimistic – that we are not worthy of anything or that we can’t make it. Often we go the other way and are unrealistically optimistic – that things will be okay (in the sense of material circumstances) or that thing will happen even without us working for them.

When you meditate suspend all judgement and take things as they are. Things are what they are. Do not colour them with stories that you tell yourself.

(Aargh! My browser is apparently set to a UK English dictionary and my MS Word is set to a US English one. I always end up getting squiggly red lines in at least one of them. :( cf. 'colour', 'judgement' )

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