Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Part 1

Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (1) a few days back. I liked the movie. More so than the last couple of movies, perhaps. A few observations.

1. Voldemort was positively goofy. He smiled too much and his dialog delivery wasn’t menacing at all. The make-up made you laugh, it wasn’t scary at all. Felt as if someone had duct-taped his nose to the forehead. And he should seriously take some lesson’s on how to be bullying. Snape is a lot more frightening in the scenes they do together.

2. The kids on the other hand, do seem to be taking acting lessons. Radcliffe shows a whole lot more confidence and articulation on screen as do Emma Watson and Rupert Grint seemed a whole lot better too. I enjoyed their on screen chemistry.

3. The movie wasn’t as dark as the last couple. I mean, it was dark because the last book just is so depressing. But it did well with the screenplay and had good moments of comic relief and emotionally well-being.

4. Loved the few experiments they did with the visuals. Loved the scene where the death eaters snatchers come really close to Hermione but can’t see her because of the enchantments. The thing with the viewpoints was well done. Also loved the animated story of the three brothers.


  1. The romantic angles footafe were unnecessarily stressed.
    The movie could have been a bit more pacy in the middle, maybe with more scenes from the book

    And the people you mentioned in your 4th point were not Death Eatersm rather snatchers(rougues ruonding up Muggles for the ministry for price reward)

  2. @Khalil Sawant: Oh, okay. My bad. Had read the books quite a while ago.

  3. :) No big deal,
    the first thing i did after the movie was to re-read the book

  4. I loved the part of the three brothers' story too.