Saturday, October 09, 2010

My Gripes with Ubuntu 10.10

Although I say Ubuntu in the post title, this gripe is really with the state of the art of the Linux desktop. Actually, it's a gripe with the Gnome desktop as I've not used KDE in quite a while but from what I hear, it's gone way beyond what Gnome can do. Anyhow, let me continue.

I have an HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop with a 12.1" touchscreen display. It has an AMD Turion X2 processor with 4GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200 graphics and a 320 GB SATA harddisk. In all, a very nice system which performs extremely well with Windows 7. Here are the problems I face with a (more of less) default install of Ubuntu 10.10.

  1. The Banshee audio player (which is the only GTK based player that fulfills my needs) is extremely slow and crashes often.
  2. The CD/DVD autoplay dialog is displayed every time the computer wakes up. This could be waking up from suspend/hibernate or plain rebooting. It is extremely annoying when I'm running on battery and suspend often.
  3. The Gnome taskbar is extremely dated. In a world where the Windows 7 taskbar and the OS X dock can do a lot more than a simple taskbar, the Gnome taskbar seems 10 years out of date.
  4. The battery life on Ubuntu is a lot lower than what I get on Windows 7.
  5. There really is no support for touch/pen. I can register clicks and mouse drags but there is no visual feedback to show what's going on. The on screen keyboard sucks. There is no application which matches what OneNote can do on Windows. There are no configuration options for touch/pen.
  6. The ATI graphics doesn't work properly. I seems very sluggish. There is tearing in video playback and in playing flash videos.
  7. Firefox is excruciatingly slow. Somehow the Ubuntu build of firefox is slow by default. Using compiz and smooth scrolling slows it down further. Add to that the problems with flash videos. The internet experience is absolutely terrible.
  8. The fingerprint sensor probably doesn't work. Couldn't find any app to check it out anyway so it's just a useless piece of hardware on my machine.
  9. The sound quality of Banshee is definitely worse than iTunes. Maybe that has to do with iTunes's sound enhancer.

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  1. same here dude. Firefox + flash is so slow, I'm considering downgrading my OS back to 9.04 or something. Just for the kicks, I'm consedering moving to some primitive OS like Fedora Core 3