Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living in the Present

Mindfulness is a simple idea – pay attention to what’s going on, right now. It is surprising that such a simple idea is not more ingrained in our society.

The human mind has a tendency to brood or to worry. We brood about the time that has passed, the mistakes we have made or the paths we could have chosen. We worry about the future, what might happen to us, the dire consequences for our actions that we might have to face.

However, the simple truth is, all that we have control over are our actions in the present. Being in the present helps us feel in control because present is the only thing we can control. Also, by taking action in the present, we make sure that the past and the future don’t trouble us quite that much.

The human mind also has the tendency to go on autopilot. As soon as a thought occurs, the mind goes down a spiral of previously rehearsed though process which leads to anxiety or depression. Being in the present, especially paying attention to what our body is feeling in the moment, helps us break out of this rut. It helps us connect to our feelings and thought patters and changes it for the better.

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