Tuesday, August 10, 2010

anne rice and christianity

Just read this interview of Anne Rice, most famous for her vampire novels. Rice was an atheist for a long time and then had a conversion experience and became a Christian. She now finds herself withdrawing from the church and organized religion.

It surprises me how thinkers like Rice are unable to see fundamental dissonance in their beliefs. It is okay if someone says that they do not value rationality and are ready to believe in the irrationalities of religion. However, it's when people try to reconcile rational thought with religion that I begin to have problems.

Why haven't the following questions ever occurred to Ms. Rice?
  • She rejects the church saying that it does not agree with her morality. If the church is not the source of her morality, where does she get her morality from? If she believes in the existence of God, how can she reject the implications that has on morality and ethics?
  • Given that there are multiple religions in this world and several different denominations within each religion does it not occur to her that they might be several different narratives created by man? She has no problems with people seeking out a church which is better aligned to their sense of morality. How does she reconcile the fact that if there is a God then there cannot possibly be several different religions and denominations. Why did she decide to stick with Christianity and not give other religions a go? Which one does she think is the 'real' one? How does one choose among them?
  • Does is not occur to her that there's a deep dissonance in saying that you do believe in God and then rejecting organized religions. So only she's got it right and all those devoutly religious people out there are morons?! On what basis is she saying that she knows more about god than the Pope and the Church?

I do not understand why so many intellectuals have trouble saying that there is no God. Or at least that there is no compelling evidence of God's existence. It's moral cowardice in my opinion.

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