Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things we don't need to do

I love listening to music. And I also scrobble my music to last.fm. Just today I was listening to my music and started feeling sleepy. So I removed my headphones and without turning the music off, slumped into the couch.

Remarkably, the thought that kept bugging me and keeping me from going to sleep was - that music is still running. It is still being scrobbled. But I'm not really listening to it. It's going to corrupt my scrobbling data. And there was a brief battle in my head between wanting to get up and turn the music off and between letting it be and enjoy my spontaneous nap.

Now, why the hell was I so concerned about the scrobbling. I've never done anything useful with audio scrobbling. (I'm sure there are people who do but I'm not one of them.) There is just this morbid fascination with keeping statistics and about once a month finding out what track I've been listening to the most. But what use is this information, except for a weird kind of mental titillation?

I realized how in the internet age we've surrounded ourselves with so many concerns that really are meaningless. Some of the things that personally bother me a lot is -- collecting lots of useless data (scrobbling) of all sorts, obsessing over software upgrades, maintaining useless collections (I had a wallpaper collection for the longest time which I got rid of and never felt the need for) and constant checking for updates on websites which I _know_ only update once a week.

I'm deleting my last.fm account now. It is completely useless for me. I can live with one obsession less.


  1. the pen warms up..
    What you say might actually become a Phd thesis for a behavioral study student.

  2. I'm wondering whether to delete my Facebook account now. (And that's the reason I haven't taken an internet connection in Delhi.)

  3. @Anirudh: If you're really not using it, then you should.

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