Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Mozilla Just Might Get it Right

In the beginning, there was the Internet Explorer. There was nothing great about it, but it was pretty much the only decent web browser out there. It came bundled with Windows and did what it was supposed to do – display web pages. Everyone used it. But no one paid too much attention to it, because the web wasn’t BIG. There was no facebook, or youtube and google was in its infancy.

Then web 2.0 happened and with that Firefox happened too. Opera was always lurking somewhere in the background. But Firefox really “got” the web. They knew that users didn’t need a clutter of options – they just needed use the internet. They also knew that every user had different needs. Which is why they had addons for almost everything under the sun. And firefox slowly gobbled up the big e.

Then chrome happened. Google became big and decided that they needed their own browser to do the stuff that they wanted to do on the internet – heavy javascript. So chrome focused on running javascript – fast. Somewhere in the background, IE woke up and brought in tabs and web slices and other shenanigans. (But they still don’t get it. Do they really expect web slices and Silverlight to replace flash and javascript? And what about speed?!) Opera and safari trudged along too.

And now people are talking about how Chrome might kill Firefox. After all, chrome is minimal, it’s going to have extensions soon and it’s FAST. It’s backed by google. It is actually being advertized. And did I say it was FAST?

However, I recently read how Mozilla is planning to kick the login’s butt. This reminded me that Chrome, IE and Safari and inextricably linked to their parent companies interests. On the other hand Mozilla is FREE. They can dare to think about doing things other browsers cannot. They don’t need to lock the user in. They don’t need to drive the user to specific services.

And that, my friends, is the reason Mozilla just might get it right, after all.

(In case you’re shouting ‘Mozilla is funded by Google’; shout away. I still think Mozilla has maintained it’s freedom.)


  1. I am a fan of Chrome. I don't know if it will beat the other browsers, but I know its the best out there!

  2. @Nita - Chrome is good. But why do you think it's the best?