What's Wrong with the KDE4 Panel

As some of you might know, I moved away from KDE4 quite a long while ago. I gave KDE 4.3 a spin with Karmic but still no joy. It just isn't working for me. Here's an example of why. Shown below is a screenshot of KDE4 on Arch Linux.

Look at the panel. It's big. Not only is the panel itself big, everything on it is big too. The clock is huge, we have gigantic tasks in the taskbar and absolutely monstrous start menu and quick launch buttons.

This is good if the user actually wanted it that way. But if I'm increasing the size of the panel, 9 times out of 10 I want to fit more stuff onto it, not make everything bigger. If I wanted to make everything bigger, I'd just change the screen resolution or get a bigger monitor. What I most probably want is to fit more tasks in the taskbar, more icons in the system tray and more quick launch icons. The current implementation doesn't leave much room for me to do that.


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