Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bad Writing in Bollywood

I think Bollywood has some very good talent. We have great actors, great technicians, great musicians and some really fabulous directors. What we lack are script writers.

When I go to a Bollywood movie, there’s not thing that irks me more than the lack of a script. An example that immediately comes to mind is Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C) which I watched on the airplane on my way back to the US last month.

It’s a nice brainless comedy, something that you’d enjoy when you have nothing to do. And I have nothing against such movies. But consider, for a moment, an important plot point. Sidhu’s martial arts teacher tells him – I don’t fear those thousand moves you’ve practiced once. I fear that one move that you’ve practiced a thousand times.

Sidhu is reminded of this advice in the climactic moments of the movie, when he’s being beaten black, blue and red by the villain. Clearly, it’s an important plot point. Something that would have hooked the viewers on. Sidhu is a cook. The writer needed to turn a cooking move into a martial arts move. Something , that I think, will be rather easy with a day or two or brainstorming. That’s what I was expecting. What do we get instead? A set of moves that have nothing to do with Sidhu’s past profession. Or even his training sessions with his master. Just some random choreography of fight sequences.

That’s bad writing. That single thing took out all the joy from the movie. When will Bollywood learn to pay attention to details?


  1. Err...but as far as i remember what happened in the movie was exactly what you hav suggested...Siddhu used to beat the dough, carry the sack etc etc....thats what he got reminded of and used eventually...

  2. Err ... as far as I remember, he got reminded but didn't really use it. Will have to watch it again. :|