Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mail Notifications and Notify-OSD

A lot of people use mail-notifications on Ubuntu to notify them of emails. However, actions are enabled by default in mail-notification. This means that everytime you get new mail, notify-osd causes mail-notification to open the notification in a window.

Clearly, this is not very convenient. What we would want (to ensure compatibility with notify-osd) is a discreet little notification in the top-right corner of your screen. This is easy to do.

1. Run gconf-editor
2. Navigate to apps -> mail-notification -> popups
3. Delete all values for the 'actions' key

You will now get the new style notifications.

Monday, June 01, 2009

June 01, 2009

It's funny how sometimes you have so much to blog about and sometimes you can't think of anything even after trying. This is one of the latter times. I'm trying to write something everyday to get the flow started. Isn't quite working, as you can see.

So what's on my mind right now? Have just finished reading my daily doze of blogs and news. These days I get most of my news from blogs. Which is sad because I only hear about flame-bait topics. I heard about the attacks on Indian students in Australia. Sad, sad incident. But clearly Australia has a long way to go with racism. Remember all those racist remarks their cricketers have been alleged to make?

The second thing on my mind is Google Wave. There has been mixed response to this new technology over the internet. It does look promising in ways. But my understanding is that it's just a platform. It won't pick up until people actually make useful products out of it. And talking of Google products, anyone know what happened to knol? Is anyone using it? Why doesn't it ever turn up in any searches?

I have loads of work to do and amn't doing any of it. And as usual, I've screwed up my sleep cycle over the weekend. :( Have to fix that.