Sunday, May 24, 2009

Windows 7 - I'm Loving It

Never before has Windows impressed me so much. Good old XP was reliable but lacked the feature rich punch that Linux had. Vista took some steps in the right direction (I'm a big fan of Vista's file browser) but was slow and sluggish and not nifty enough. Windows 7 hits the right cord between features, ease of use and speed.

The Taskbar
The completely revampled taskbar is perhaps the most talked about feature of Windows 7. It is very much like the OSX dock but I do think it's better than docks. I find docks to be irritating. They move around a lot and in general cause too much distraction. Windows 7's new taskbar is cool. It is static, configurable and useful. I like the fact that you can see progress dialogs in the icon and that right click shows you recent items. I also like the fact that the system tray now does not expand hidden items but shows them in a popup window. Additionally, Windows 7 does not break backward compatibility. You can get your old taskbar back with just a few click (well, almost).

Indexing does not slow down your computer anymore. Moreover, searching is fast enough to be useful now. Search as you type actually searches as you type. Still not as fast as most linux apps would have it (I've never understood why this should be) but still very usable.

Windows 7 extends theming capabilities. Wallpaper slideshow is now built in. Additional sound themes are also provided.

Window Management
Window management has improved a lot. Everyone knows about the aero peak. What people don't know is that if you drag a window to the left screen edge, the window resizes to occupy the left half of the screen. If you hit the top edge, the window maximizes.

The best part is, the OS feels light as XP and adds loads of new features. In short, I'm loving it!

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