Ubuntu Notification Script for Amarok 1.4

More Update: A more polished script is now available here.

There are several updated versions of the script now available. Please see the comments for details. Also, the music applet on gnome provides similar functionality. On Ubuntu, do 'sudo apt-get install music-applet'. Then add the music applet to your gnome panel. Configure and enjoy! :) In case you don't want an extra applet on your panel, feel free to use the below given scripts.

Ubuntu Jaunty is going to come with a unified notification system. I use gnome these days, but can't live without amarok. However, it bugged me that amarok 1.4 does not comply with the Ubuntu notification system. So I wrote a small python script for it. This works only for amarok 1.4 and Ubuntu Jaunty. Screenshot attached.

How to Install
In amarok 1.4 click Tools -> Script Manager -> Install Scripts. Open file track_notify.amarokscript.tar. Run script once it's installed.


  1. You're still using the old amarok? Why? You were the one who made me switch to the new one :P

    btw.. this is cool, I have switched to a hybrid openbox+fbpanel+kde apps sort of desktop. I'll put up screenshots when I get time :)

  2. @ Ankit - Well, in the new one, the playlist is dysfunctional, the middle pane is useless and the overall stability isn't quite up to the mark. So I'm sticking with 1.4, for now. Just like I'm sticking with gnome. KDE 4.3 seems to be resolving a number of issues that I'd had. Perhaps I'll go back to KDE in 9.10.

  3. Hey man! Thank you and congratulations, this script is realy useful, since the Jaunty notifications doesn't cover clickable itens (like the native Amarok OSD does).
    Just an ideia, but, can you add the album art image to the notification? I would like to do it myself, but I don't know nothing about Python or scripting (I'm a Linux newbie) and learning it will take me some time.
    Again, thanks for this.
    Sorry for the horrible English :/

  4. Sorry, can't get it to worked...
    Script installed & runnig... now what?
    tried diasbling / eneabling OSD but no Luck.

    Running Ubuntu 9.04 / Amarok 1.4.10

  5. You'd need the libnotify bindings for python. On ubuntu the package probably is python-notify.

  6. python-notify is installed


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank you for this script. It works great.

    I put together a slightly modified version, that shows the album art, as well as putting a line break between artist and album. I've uploaded it here.

  9. @ Mongoose -- thanks! I tried out your script. Great job.

  10. Hi everyone o/
    I'm the same "anonymous" up there" xD
    As I said, understanding Python took me a bit of time, but I'm finally getting it!
    I've made more modifications to Moongooses's script and, as I got the original script from here, I feel that I must share it with you all. I've enabled notifications on play/plause (like the native Amarok OSD) and used the "update" function on the notifications so they don't have to wait a previous notification to fade out for showing themselves. It's specially usefull if you use a keyboard hotkey to change tracks and want to change various tracks consecutively.
    Here it is:

    Again, sorry for some possible English mistake.

    See ya! ;]

  11. "sh: kdialog: not found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/sheep.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/Jaunty Notification OSD 2", line 28, in <"module">
    from qt import *
    ImportError: No module named qt"

    (No Quotes at module)
    Uhm what?

  12. Same Error as Sheep up above, any help on what package is missing?

  13. Solved it! Sheep, run `sudo apt-get install python-qt3'.

    The problem is that the python in the script doesn't know how to interface with amarok without that package.

  14. Thank you!
    What about support for increasing / decreasing volume?

  15. Hi everyone again! The two biggest anonymous coments up there are mine (Im just too distracted to notice that I could use my Google account ¬¬").
    Just find a small problem with the other versions: every time the script is stopped or Amarok is closed, the Python process still running and consuming about 6MB of precious RAM. If open and close Amarok 6 times, you will have 6 python processes running at the same time and doing absolutely nothing.
    I fixed this, and here's the corrected one:


    @Sheep: This volume idea is interesting... I'll take a look at it as soon as possible ;]

  16. @ Everyone -- I don't really mind you guys using my blog as a forum (honestly!) but would it not be better if one of us posted this script on kde-apps.org or something? That way more people can use it and we can better keep track of versions and all.

    Btw, kudos to 'anonymous' for taking this idea further. I'm sorry I didn't have the time to make it really up to the mark. :(


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