Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Lost Coast

When you are young, every day is a new day. You haven’t seen most things in life and thus, no matter what you see, you see it new. But then you grow up someday. Life becomes routine and mundane and the bestest novelty you can encounter is merely an improvisation on an already existing theme.

And occasionally, you chance upon something that is truly and genuinely new. Something that you’d never heard, never thought, never even dreamed about.

The Lost Coast was one such movie for me.

The two main characters of the movie – Jasper and Mark – are high school buddies. Mark is straight, Jasper is gay. When they were in high school, they went to the Lost Coast on a camping trip. On that trip, they had a sexual stint. In the present time, they’re celebrating Halloween with two more of their friends. As they roam through the night is search of a good party and ecstasy, Mark and Jasper have to deal with their feelings and sexualities once more.

The movie made me think of something that I’d never thought of before. If two straight men are friends, they’re friends. If two gay men are friends, they might have a romantic relationship. But if one straight man and one gay man are friends, what do they do? What do they do when one of them wants a romantic relationship and the other one cares about his feelings but can’t really give it to him.

The movie is suffused with the sense of loss. Jasper, who is straight, has lost a friend. Mark, who is gay, has lost a lover. No matter how hard they try, they are not able to reconcile their lost.

Something must also be said about the cinematography of the movie. It is just beautiful. You have long, silent shots in overcast lighting. You are allowed to hear the natural sounds of the sea, the wind and the grass and woods. You are allowed to feel all alone out there, with nothing but yourself and your feelings to keep company. And in the end, you feel the loss for both Jasper and Mark.

Do watch the trailer on the movie website.

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