Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Spam Ever

Got this in my inbox just a few minute ago.

Dear Sir,

We AFRICA PRECIOUS COMMODITIES COMPANY LTD are ready and able to supply you with Alluvial gold of very fine purity, we require end Buyer’s or representative’s presence for a preliminary assay at the geological survey department fully controlled by the local government of Sierra Leone before any shipment could be effectuated.

The contractual quantity for sale to the Buyer Under the terms of this Agreement shall be a purchase of gold dust and bars of 250kg with rolls & extensions up to 500kg.The total price payable by the Buyer is fixed at (16.000.00$ per kilo of gold dust and 18 000 for gold bars). If you are interested, kindly contact us back for more

Best Regards
Chief Abdul kanu

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