Friday, December 26, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a weird movie. I saw the movie last evening and have been thinking about it since but have not been able to make any sense of it. I think I will classify the movie as pseudo-profound – a movie that, on the surface, seems very profound but really is not. Another movie in this category is Donny Darko.

The movie is based on F Scott Fitzgerald's short story of the same title. However, the movie is heavily adapted and even changes the time frame of the original story. In the short story, Benjamin Button is born as an old man and goes on getting younger until he dies of childhood. His mental age in the short story is always equal to his physical age. However, he is forced by his father to do things more appropriate to his worldly age.

In the movie, however, Benjamin Button's mental age is in line with the time he's spent in the world. Only his body is born old and dies young. He is brought up by a loving and caring mother. I think the point of the movie was that 'age' is not a matter of what you look like but what you feel inside. But that's really a moot point, isn't it. I don't see why they needed to make a whole movie out of it. Also the mysterious clock scene in the beginning and towards the end does not seem to make any sense. A repetitive theme in the movie is that everything passes. That again is a moot point and while it might make for a good theme in an emotional drama dealing with old age, in this movie it seems somewhat out of the place.

76% critics at Rotten Tomatoes have give the movie a favorable rating. I wonder why. I do agree that the make up and CGI in the movies creates a rather believable post WWI world. But other than that. I don't know. I think I just didn't get it. If someone got the movie, please leave a comment and I'd try to understand what it was all about.

The movie was too long. It was nearly 3 hours long and everyone felt it could have done with some editing.

Rating: 2/5


  1. As Stephen Colbert put it on TV... "the movie is #34 on the charts... I guess americans support torture!"

  2. @ Ankit - Tere ko koi kaam nahi hai kya jo baith ke blog padh raha hai? Teri khoon ki holi ka kya hua?