Monday, November 17, 2008

Was watching a video of Laughter Champions just now when I was thoroughly surprised to see a female contestant on that show. And suddenly I realised that out of the many, many performers I've seen on the show (and I must have seen at least a 100), this was the only woman I saw. And come to think of it, there have been absolutely NO women comedians in the Indian film industry. And if I'm not wrong, even in the US, there are no women who make you laugh. Why is comedy and humour such a male hegemony?


  1. Funny you should bring this up -- I've been wondering about this myself lately. All these stand-up comedy shows one keeps seeing on TV seem to feature very few women and I was wondering why. How many famous women comedians can one name anyway? The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Dawn French and (Jennifer?) Saunders of the "French and Saunders" show.

    Are women not funny enough?! I'm very disturbed by the thought... ;-)

  2. @ Payal - As one of my friends on facebook jokingly said -- men try to be funny to impress women an women have to be blunt enough to BE impressed by such lame jokes. It's evolution.

    Seriously, though. I really AM wondering about the reasons. Normally I'm able to discern the reasons for such gender differences quickly but this one completely befuddles me.

    Didn't know about French and Saunders, will go and check it out.

  3. i reckon the reason is that men do not expect women to be funny and loud and gregarious. They expect them to be gentle and sweet..and comedy has to break those barriers...
    I am not saying that is exactly the reason but could be one of the many. Oh and if you say that this is only men's perception then let me tell you that world views are generally a misnomer for men's views.
    Tina Fey comes to my mind thinking about female comediennes and Amy Poehler. Check out 30 rock

  4. @ Anonymous - I do think you have a point there.

  5. actually speaking, u have fair share of female comedians in Tamil Media industry... but i cant see d same trend over here...

    and more over the female's are framed into comedians coz of their looks and obesity in Bollywood and hindi media industry.. i wonder why?

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