Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Neither did I, until I saw you. It was strange. I saw you, I said hi. We shook hands. Then we moved on to meet other people. And then some others and I forgot about you. But then I again caught glimpse of you in the crowd, from a distance. And I could not take my eyes off you. Your smile, your laughter trickling through the chatter. It fascinated me. Then you got lost in the crowd again. I forgot you. I met other people. Piling face upon face, name upon name, none of them really registering.

Then we all go home. Then it all ends. Tired, I sleep. I wake up.

And you're there. The first thought in the morning. That smile of yours. It's like a knife that's sliced through my heart. I spend an uneasy day, trying to recall every detail of that two minute meeting. I remember your name but nothing else. Not who you are, what you do, where you're from. All those details we show so much enthusiasm to learn when we meet a stranger. Forgotten in a whiff. But not your smile. Your smile lingers. It haunts. It hurts.

I dig the internet for your presence. I search you name. First normally, then in quotes. I search for you on every social networking website I visit. I search the college database for you. Nothing. You don't leave a trace, not on the internet, not in my head. Except for that smile. Bloody smile.

Something clicks. I find your email address out. I write to you. And I wait. And I wait some more.


You dropped by just to say hello. You didn't even talk to me much. But I wasn't listening. I wasn't thinking. I was just watching you smile that smile of yours. Drinking it in.

You made promises. Promises to come again. Promises to smile with me once more. False promises.

I know those promises are false. Knew the moment you made them. I even know why they are false.

And yet I wait. Eagerly. Desperately. With an aching heart.

Why is that?


  1. women are that way..
    forget and move on..
    and next time , get the phone number, might save you the hassle.

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  3. unse guftgu karne ko dil toh bahut tha
    par unn aankho se nazre naa hatha sake hum
    uss pyaari si muskurahat main naa jaane kya baat thi
    chaah kar bhi dil ko seene main naa chhupa sake hum

    ADAAB !!

  4. Happens to me almost every week... you should either get used to it or actually try to get number/facebook. This story better be real! American girls are usually more willing to talk than back home. So, take a shot whenever you get a chance. If you find something you do she's interested in, you can get along pretty well :)

  5. You wrote this? Turning mushy in your old age? :)

  6. :) good to be in love. May you have more mornings like that, again and again and again a thousand times over, its all worth it :)

    @ Aditya: considering we're from the same class - old age teri hogi be.

  7. @ instinctivecuriosity - Abe dua de rahi hai ki saza de rahi hai. Har subah ye hua to thode din mein Devdas ho jaoonga main.

  8. Budhi ghodi laal lagam daddu.
    Great going - pursuing white girls with white hair in your head.

    I guess what you have summarized here is what I have failed to do in an entire blog. :)

    Welcome to the killub. And yes Golden Words jo hia unki baat sahi hai miyaa.

  9. @ Onion -- Who said the girl was white? :P And welcome to the club?! Dude, I started the bloody club!


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