Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I proclaim my right to be discriminated against!

While I'm not as much of a traveler as some of my other friend, I have lived in quite a few places. My family belongs to an area on the UP/MP border which is called bundelkhand. But I have lived in Indore all my life. Then for my undergrad I moved to the heart of UP – Kanpur. I have lived off and on in Hyderabad for about six months. I have visited several cities in my country – north and south, east and west. And now I have been in the US for more than a month. However, I strongly resent the fact that in the 23 three long years of my life, have I ever felt like an outsider. People have been very nauseatingly nice to me and I have never once been discriminated against based on caste, religion, race, gender or economic status.

Frankly, I find it disturbing that my 'real identity' should be neglected in this way. I am urban, elite, educated, north India, upper-caste, hindu and male and not discriminating against me on any of those bases is, to be very frank, highly offensive. Such a complete null and voidification of my true identity has left me hopeless in these dark and oppressive time.

My only hope is Raj Thakre who has finally realized that everyone's identity needs to be respected and there is no better way than to discriminate against them based on regional affiliations. Those countless Bihari's in Mumbai, who have now been living there for so long that they don't even remember the name of their original villages in Bihar, should be thankful to him. I mean, how could they even consider calling themselves Mumbaites and forget about their Bihari origins. Would that not be a big disrespect of Bihar and Biharis? Raj Thakre respects your identity and he wants you to always remember it. That's why he's burning and beating the hell out of you guys.

Raj Thakre is my true hero.


  1. Adding to your list of hyphenated identity
    Did someone tell you got a Marathi Surname (खरे) ? :D (I am not kidding)
    Or maybe I am pronouncing it incorrectly.

  2. @ Khalil - Yes, I know that. Wonder why I overlooked that while writing this post. Should have worked that in.

    The surname has been quite a pain in the ass for people. Every unknowing marathi salesman who has been unfortunate enough to bump into the name-plate before making his sales pitch has done so in marathi. And the cruel children of the house (my brother and i) always listen very carefully and sincerely before politely informing them that we did not know the language. :D

  3. ze hat is off! What a take on good old raju. But I agree in a way. I mean, I dunno if you are sarcastic in a mixed sort of way here but I would like to be called an Indori. But I guess that comes from being an Indori.

    Jai Indore!