Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

The reason I didn't like the book is that it appeared unfocused and even immature to me. The film is a lot sharper and more focused. Of course, the theme of the novel, like all Palahniuk books is breaking the status quo, questioning the system, taking more responsibility for you life, etc. etc. You can imagine why I like him. In Fight Club, he is doing the same thing but he's not clear on it. Which makes sense because this is his first novel. For example, the scene where Tyler and Marla have sex, Marla says - “I want to have you abortion.” Now that makes no sense at all in the context of the story. It is just thrown in, for the sake of shock and awe. And it's a politically offensive thing to say. I mean, you can't just throw out abortion that lightly, can you? I think his later novels are more restrained in that sense. He is fond of using shock as a tactic and throws out a lot of gross stuff at you but makes a lot more sense in his other novels.

The second reason why the novel does not work is that the whole split personality thing does not come out very well. In the film, the visuals support the whole build up. When you watch movie for the first time and your realize that Tyler really is a fictitious person, it hits you like a brick. Suddenly everything starts making sense. Many of the scenes have been done brilliantly; I think all of them have been done brilliantly.

Also, the protagonist comes out a lot more as a hero in the movie than in the novel. I can't bring myself to like the protagonist in the novel. In fact, I kind of hate him for being this sick, perverted bastard. In the movie, I love him, being from the same class (very nearly) I can identify and sympathize with him.



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