Monday, August 25, 2008

Nagraj: Atank-harta Nagraj: Teen Sikke

Teen Sikke is the next comic in the Atank-harta Nagraj series of the Nagraj franchise. It continues the tale of Nagraj as he tours Europe on a mission to clean world terrorism. This time Nagraj is in Italy.

The artwork on this comic is dark and gritty. Lalit Sharma's penciling makes it a wonderfully noirish and sinister work. I like his new Nagraj. He looks far more young, more believable and a lot more dependable than Anupam Sinha's. Also this Nagraj and his snakes are far more sinister than ever before.

Raj Comics continues to be confused between crime and terrorism even in this comic. Nagraj is trying to eradicate the mafia from Italy. The fact that mafia is a crime ring and not a terrorist one escapes the writers.

As has now become the norm with the Atank-harta series, characterization is strong, which makes these comics readable. I really liked the character of Jhappi Singh, who is a voluble Punjabi taxi driver in Italy. His loud-mouthedness leads to a lot of amusing situations in the storyline.

It is useless to rate Raj Comics on my personal scale since all of them will get lumped together on 2/5 (time pass). Hence, I will rate them on a new Raj Comics scale from 0 to 10 which is a lot more quantitative than my personal one.

Rating: 7/10



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  2. Just recently started updating myself on Raj Comics. Its been 10 years since i didnt read any of them..its fun.. I am reading the seven series Nagayan these days..:)