Tuesday, July 01, 2008

They are Nuts!

Read this. Now, first they said it was the lack of interaction that caused suicides. Now they say it is an abundance of it that does it. Do they have any idea what they're talking about. Shows you how much though they're really putting into the whole issue. Also shows that all they're doing is playing the blame game.


  1. You didn't understand it properly. See, mobile is culprit because of 2 reasons
    0) It increases home sickness
    1) Parents are stupid, and they are the ones who create pressure on students
    Net is a culprit because it decreased interaction. The points mentioned on the article you quoted are pretty much what IITs have been saying for long time. Its lack of interact, and pressure from family.
    Academics has nothing to do with it. It was tougher 10 years back.

  2. 1. Do students use mobile phones only to talk to parents?
    2. Are all parents stupid? Are your parents stupid? Mine aren't. In fact, I found coming home the best remedy to deal with the pressures on campus.
    3. Assuming that internet does lead to lower interaction (something that I strongly contend), you will argue that more interaction will lead to lesser depression. Can you be absolutely certain that peer groups have no role to play in increasing performance pressure? In fact, peer groups are a lot more dangerous because their effects are not easily visible as in the case of parents. I believe that most of the pressure to perform in the IITs comes from the peer groups. Imagine spending four years with some person who starts earning 25 lakhs as soon as he graduates while you earn only 4 or 5. Imagine your roommate having a single digit rank and earning loads of accolads and scholarships while you live your life in ignominy, struggling to clear your courses.

    The point is, the authorities are thinking too black and white and making rules using the same thinking. This isn't going to help the students in any way, rather it's going to take away many of their freedoms for no reason at all.

  3. I don't have anything new to say to this in addition to my post. It's not they don't understand, it's that they don't want to understand as it would mean taking at least a part of the blame and actually doing something about it.

  4. 1: Does that matter?
    2: Yes, in general parents are stupid. They ask for your grades first and then health. And if you look at the suicide cases, it comes out right. The first yearrite who committed suicide had tried suicide before as well. Still the bloody parents let him come to IIT. Why cann't you make the child take a semester break. Oh no, what will society say. His carrier will be ruined. blah blah, stupid parents
    3: I accept that peer pressure can be there, but peer pressure doesn't work unless someone compares 2 students. And the comparison is done by parents and society mainly.
    4: Interaction does decrease pressure. Don't argue on that. Its a well proven fact.

    Again, my arguement was that the reason pointed out by IITK are right. What IITK authorities are doing about it different thing. what they are doing is not satisfactory/right. But at the same time, its not just administration problem, its student community fault as well.

  5. @ Rohitj - I could tear your argument apart to shreds but have neither the time nor inclination here. There's no point arguing with a rock.

    PS: Are you the same rohitj we've all encountered on IITK's newsgroups? If yes, then change the last line of the above para to 'there's no use mud-fighting with a pig'.

  6. ah, I thought we were discussing.

    I don't remember who you are. But, thanks for pointing out that you already have few views about me. I probably should remove this blog from my feed reader.

  7. While we've all felt that time and again, I dont think anyone has actually come out and said that to rohitj before.

    Can you see the glee in my words?

  8. @ Shashank - Yeah, I know.

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  9. sadly, that i cannot do. i've been subscribed for a while now. :P