Friday, July 11, 2008

Social Issue Adverts

These days there seems to be, on television, a slew of advertisements having a common thread. And this thread is that the 'protagonist' of the advert is rallying a social cause. And the product being advertized is helping him/her in working for tha social cause. I'm trying to compile here a list of such advertisements and we will later see if there's a trend involved.

1. Idea ad featuring Abhishek Bachhan in which he educates people in remote villages using mobile phones.
2. Crocin ad in which the protagonist is working with blind children and keeps working despite ill health using Crocin

Can you suggest more?


  1. Girls using fairness creams for the sake of guys. :P

    That's a social cause, innit?

  2. There are a lot of them running around recently, and yes i too thing they have a pattern, but we'll come to that later. here are the ones i can think of right now
    1.The TOI Teach India campaign.
    2. Dainink Bhaskar going on with Jid Karo aage badhne ke liye.
    3. Ramayan on NDTV Imagine, with bachho me achhi aadat daalo.
    4. A couple of news channel ads with the taglines 'sach dikhate hai hum' and one more on a similar tone.
    5. Though not running anymore, but the airtel 'borders dissolve when people speak' and TOI Lead India were also social issue adverts.

    6. There is the usual list of public service ads on doordarshan but i think they do not fall in the pattern you are thinking about.

  3. @ Aneesh - Thanks for that list. I'll be adding it to the main post soon (with due credits, of course). Then maybe we can come up with joint analysis about it. I think we will also need information about recent advertising awards. Any idea where one can get that info from?