Arkham Asylum

There are some artists whose work is just so beautiful that it doesn't make sense to say anything about it. A R Rahman is one such artist. I can't tell you why his music is so awesome, it just is. Dace McKean is another such artist. He is the Rahman of the visual world. I can't tell you why his work is so beautiful, it just is.

McKean makes each frame of Arkham Asylum an exquisite masterpiece.

I haven't read much stuff my Grant Morrison but it this is a representative sample then I'm impressed. He manages to take the Batman metaphor and turn it upside down. In other Batman stories, Batman is the hero. In Arkham Asylum it is the villains who are the hero and Batman is the oppressor. When the inmates of Arkham Asylum manage to break free and take the personell hostage, Batman has to go in alone to rescue them and in the process face his worst fears. In a confrontation with arch enemies such as the Joker, Two Face, Clayface and Doctor Destiny etc., Batman learns the bitter truth about himself – that he is as mad as any of these formidable foes.

I enjoyed reading a comic book after a long time. This is one is definitely recommended.


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