Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Silent Comparison

Thousands of students agitated against reservation. The demonstrations were reported to be peaceful. Yet, the government lathi-charged and arrested several students.

Thousands of Gujjars agitated for reservation. The demonstrations were clearly voilent and disrupted the lives of millions of people from several states. Yet, the government stood silent and finally actually granted their demand.


  1. :)
    Good comparison. This proves that government hears only if there is any challenge to its existence.
    I have sent a mail to u sir at gamil, pata nahi reply nahi mila.

  2. I must remind you of the Frustoo-n on Democracy! :)

  3. @ Chakresh and Onion - Very true. I was very much reminded of my own Frustoo. :) In democracy it is not the most popular voice nor the most sensible voice that is heard. It is the loudest voice that gets heard.