Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 13 2008

Google has entered into an advertising agreement with Yahoo. That news is all over the internet by now. Go search.

1. Atanu Dey writes a scathing blog about how Mera Bharat can never be Mahan without the like of the American First Amendment. America worship or logical thinking?

2. Another blog about the trouble with exams in India. A most thoughful piece, I must say. Finally some one has realized that there is a specific quantity that every exam is testing and the formulation and the use of the exam is dictated by its stated purpose.

3. A blog on the power of plasma theming. Really, I can't seem to wait until KDE 4.1 goes online. The release date is July 29, if I'm not wrong.


  1. I believe that the first blog about mera america mahaan is a blog which begins and ends with cynicism but in the meantime manages to provide logical support for few of its arguments. Also I believe there are a lot of other things than one amendment in a constitution which make a country great or not.
    However, this disenchantment with Indian politics is nothing new and shocking. US has been and continues to be the ideal for many.

  2. @ Anonymous - True. However, what worries me is this. People often seem to take the viewpoint that there are only two things in this world - the Indian and the American. And they seem to assume that anything American can instantly solve our problems. We have to understand that the American culture is fundamentally different from ours. Those guys come out on the streets with posters on every small incident, we don't. Public involvement in politics is near zero. In such a scenario one wonders if American ideals can really solve our problems in long term?

    One begins to wonder if we are not making the same mistake that we made in adopting American economics.