Monday, June 02, 2008

June 02 2008

1. A blog contemplating parenting and alcohol. Made me wonder why most parents cannot realize that their kids are individuals in their own right and should be allowed a certain amount of freedom. Also, why can't the parents realize that the world is perhaps larger than they imagined and thier kids are possibly exposed to more and definitely to different things. Why is the parental urge to control so very strong?

2. A blog that shows that the Macbook Air is thin enough to slice a cake. :P

3. A blog that covers a huge range of adobe products. Adobe's online services are going to take up a long way towards a more desktop like web. Personally, I'm not comfortable about having my entire desktop on the web. Imagine having all my important data on the internet and then a catastrophe of any sort occurring. The first thing to go would be internet. I much prefer the model of an independent closeted machine linked to the internet in well defined ways.

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