May 31 2008

Nothing interesting to link to today. Only a load of disgust at today's newspaper. Naidunia, a leading Hindi daily of the city has three whole pages full of IIT JEE coaching ads. The JEE result was announced today and these ads have glorified pictures of the so called 'toppers' along with their JEE ranks. Yes, you read it right, THREE bloody pages. And one of these pages is their front page!! A guy who got rank 13 is featured in these ads posing almost like a film star in pictures that are clearly orchestrated.

On my wing community there's a post informing me that a young girl in her final year has committed suicide. It is rumored that the said girl actually had an IIM admission and most definitely a good job in hand. Today she was supposed to receive her degree at the convocation at IITK. Yet she killed herself.

Can you see a connection between the above two paragraphs? I can.

As an aside, imagine the amount of money these coaching classes must have paid to publish full page ads and take over the entire FRONT PAGE of a daily newspaper with substantial circulation.


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