Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 26 2008

1. An article about the glaring mistakes in a popular newspaper article on history. Not the first time that newspapers have made a mistake such as this. At least this was history, relatively subjective and mutable. I've seen even stupider mistakes being made on articles on science.

2. An article on the importance of a competitive search market from Techcrunch. These days I almost wish the Yahoo-Microsoft deal would have gone through. Google's monopoly (despite Google maintaining a 'benevolent' image) is beginning to scare me.

Me is making most of my God given holiday these days. Just finished reading Mahasamar 1 Bandhan which I wrote about earlier. The next book is Cryptonomicon, a 1100 page whopper about WWII, cryptography, computers and code breaking. :)

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