Monday, April 28, 2008

A Useless Post

Hi All,
I think this blog is mostly going to turn into a journal like blog now. So those of you who liked to read those pretty analyses are going to be disappointed. The reason I'm doing this is because analysis prevents me from writing. If I analyze too much then it gets into my head. I go to a movie and come back with lots of analysis. Nothing wrong with it. Only that I don't want to come back with an analysis. What I want to come back with is a story. That is why I stopped blogging and the results have been good. Stories are coming to me again and in good health and numbers.

So, what am I doing these days? Am at home, doing nothing. Yeah, that's it. Nothing at all. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Readers's Meet Indore

What goes in your head after reading a novel, a short story, a poem? If your answer is ‘a lot’, I’m sure you’ll like to spill that lot. We feel the same way. Thoughts are just that: thoughts; it is only when they are vocalized do they become ideas.

We had been brewing up this read meet for quite some time now, hoping to meet other misfits, who read more than just bestsellers and want to yak about them too. But as I said, thoughts are no use till they remain in our heads. So here is the first (of a series, I hope) read meet in Indore. The basic idea is to get together a group people who pride themselves in doing more than just reading a book. It is not a come one come all invitation.

We’d like you to send us a 250 word write-up about why you’d like to come for a read meet and your expectations from it. Also include the titles of some books you have read and the genre that interests you. The meet is planned on the coming Sunday (27th of April) so send those write-ups fast. We’ll get back to all of you with the agenda as soon as your write-up has been received. Please direct all your correspondence to: