Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Tech News

This isn’t really a post about anything. Just a general page filler post with some news around the tech world that I found interesting.

First off, Microsoft has been sued by EC for most antitrust operations. Considering that Microsoft has been harping about interoperability and open standards lately, this news puts another dent in their already heavily dented reputation. Over time Microsoft has not only shown that their products suck, they’ve also proven to be a company that will do anything to expand their business.

Second, the number of lawsuits over Yahoo rejecting Microsoft’s hostile bid has risen to seven. While Yahoo continues to believe that it is on the right side of law over this rejection the rising number of lawsuits seems to indicate otherwise.

Third, and this one is my personal favourite – Google has changed the look and feel of Google Documents to match that of pre-2007 Microsoft Office. I’ve $written before$ about how MS Office’ popularity has lead to it becoming the defacto standard for look and feel in word processing software. All other softwares, including its major competitor (if at all it can be called a competitor) OpenOffice are trying to imitate MS Office. Now Google has followed suit. This indicates that as far as user interfaces are concerned things tend to gravitate towards one particular standard. While users like to switch between technologies they don’t want to waste too much time re-learning how to interact with that technology.

A chaos of user interface techniques exists in the mobile world too. I do wonder what technology will come out to the fore.

So that’s it for today. Have a good day!

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