Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Yahoo has recently announced that it is changing its search technology to match Google’s. It is moving to Hadoop, which is an Open Source implementation of Google’s MapReduce algorithm. One can see this move as part of Yahoo’s desperate attempt to ward off Microsoft’s hostile bid. On the other hand, it might also mean that the technology invented by Google has finally won over the existing search technologies and has become the defacto standard for internet search. With Yahoo and Google both using the same search algorithms, almost 90% of the search traffic over the internet will be using the map-reduce algorithm. This might cause the minor search players (like MSN) to follow suit and move on to similar technologies.

The difference will still lie in the amount of data each service is processing. Google by far still outdoes Yahoo by several times. However, Yahoo’s move to an Open Source implementation means not only another triumph for the Open Source software development mode but also that their search engine might become more sensitive to user needs and expectations. However, given Google’s excellent track record in giving the users what they want, it seems unlikely that this poses any threat to Google.

Meanwhile, the hostile bid for Yahoo is getting more and more expensive for Microsoft. As if loosing stock value wasn’t enough, Yahoo is not changing its laying-off policy in such a way that Microsoft will lose and additional billion or two if the deal goes through. And it isn’t going to go through all the easily. This looks like a long drawn battle now.

To completely switch streams, read about this giant frog, Beezlebufo, that was 16 inches long and used to devour dinos for dinner. Besides it kicks some continents from being where they used to be in history too!

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