Compaq Presario B1200

Yeah, why not? Why can’t I review my own laptop. It is new, it is stylish and I love it. :)

So, this one is called Compaq Presario B1200 and I’ve bought it less than a month ago. When it comes to computers and/or related software, there is so much choice available in the market that what you buy depends largely on your needs. So here were my needs – I needed a laptop to mostly read and write. I write a lot – blogs and fiction and have a huge collection of ebooks and comics that I like to read on my loptop. I was therefore looking for something really nifty and light that I could really keep in my lap and read like a book. But also, my budget was limited. None of those high end notebooks for me. MacBook Air? Completely out of question.

I was not disappointed with this cute little Compaq laptop that I bought. B1200 comes with a 12” screen which has a resolution of upto 1280 x 800. If you’re used to working on a 19” TFT then a 12” screen might come as a shock to you. But once you get used to it, the benefits of going small start surfacing.

The laptop is fast featuring a 1.5 GHz x 2 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. It has 1 GB RAM and a 160 GB HDD. It has built in BlueTooth and WebCam capabilities. But the best thing is the weight. It is light! Light as light can be. I can actually hold it in one hand like a folder and carry it about. (Of course, not a great idea, one slip and there it goes ... ) And all this has cost me only a few rupees less than 45, 000. Not a bad deal at all.

I’ve been having great fun with this one, snuggled in my bed reading up all sorts of stuff online and offline. And writing on this thing is almost as non-intrusive as writing on paper.

But enough good words. There are downsides too. It has a slight heating problem. The underside heats up a bit too much under heavy load. Now this might have to do with the fact that I’m currently living in an apartment that doesn’t even have a ceiling fan but nevertheless. I guess, if you’re working in air conditioned environments then you don’t really have to worry. Second is the right shift key. In order to make space for the arrow keys on a tiny little keyboard, they’ve made the size of the shift key as small as any regular alphabet key. This may not affect those of you who type with a finger or two but for the ten-fingered ones like me, a slight slippage of the little one means leaving out the caps and going up up up.

Actually what happens is that because of the small size of the right shift key, I keep missing it while typing and pressing he ‘up’ arrow key besides it instead. Quite a disaster as you can imagine.

But overall it’s a good machine. The looks are cool. I somehow like the way Compaq makes its laptops look really sleek. It’s clearly not a Mac like sleekness but is good enough for those of us who haven’t yet made a fortune. :) I’d rate this one a 7.5 out of 10.


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