Friday, November 16, 2007

Vayam Rakshamah, Saawariya Music and Audioscrobbling with Amarok and

Before I begin I would like you to read this post that Headmistress wrote in response to mine.

I am reading Vayam Rakshamah by Acharya Chatursen these days. While I do hope to write a more detailed post later let me just put some preliminary thoughts in words here. Reading his introduction I was struck by how the pre-independence writers were full of a self-sacrificial feeling. Acharya Chatursen begins his introduction by describing how he has sacrificed for the past eleven months for writing this novel. He describes how he has not slept more than two-three hours a day for months, how his eyes have grown weak and how it has left him completely restless. I guess, the pre-indepence lack of glamor in writing did make this business a self-sacrificial one, especially since most writers were driven by a desire to serve the society. I do, however, wonder how it affected their writing.

Meanwhile, I'm completely hooked to the music of Saawariya. This is surprising because I usually don't get so hooked to anything not composed by Rahman. But Saawariya has done it. The effect is almost magical. I cannot help but keep humming and listening to the songs over and over again. And the most spellbinding is the leitmotif that plays in the beginning of 'Pari'.

I'm on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon these days and am using Amarok to play my songs. Amarok uploads all my song information to which is an audioscrobbling site. It then downloads music suggestions fome and plays appropriate songs from my library. I can't even begin to describe how awesome this whole process is. I mean, I start listening to Saawariya songs, some of which are sung by Shreya Ghoshal, and Amarok picks up other songs by Shreya from my library and adds them to my playlist. Not only that, it also adds Alka Yagnik, Shaan and Sonu Nigam songs to my playlist. I begin playing Pink Floyd and after a while the playlist is playing Led Zepplin and Radiohead too. Awesome!!

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