Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saawariya Again, Refusing to Help and Going Away

Watched Saawariya again yesterday. Although most people would regard that as signs of insanity, I was glad to find out that the movie gripped me again. There was nothing new that I could see, except some things that I'd noticed earlier but forgotten about. There are so many things I still want to write about the movie! But later. Meanwhile, Aneesh has added his own ek naya paisa to the Saawariya debate.

Madam did point out some new things that I'd not noticed. She caught references to something called Windermere which, when I searched on the net, is a reference to a play called 'Lady Windermere's Fan' by Oscar Wilde. Apart from that I now think that the movie is also referring to Picasso's Blue Period in it's color scheme. But this too, later.

Was faced early morning by a cleanliness worker who used to clean my room back in second year. At that time he'd walked into my room once and said that his mother had died and he needed money for the last rites. He had started crying then. Being the poor student that I am, I lent him fifty rupees. He promised he'd return it at the end of the month. He never did. Neither did I ask for it. But everytime I met him he diligently came to me and made some excuse or other as to why he wansn't paying me back. So today he came again and did the same old routine, claimed that he needed money for the anniversary of his mother's death and started crying. He wanted three hundred rupees. Claimed that he would return it by the 25th of this month.

But this time I refused. I just could not come to believe him.

I'm leaving for the conference at Vishakhapatanam today night. Will be away for a week, so probably no posts, depending on whether there is internet at the hotel where I stay. In any case, will see you when I come back.


  1. I thought the 'windermere' sign was more of an etymological joke with windmill (and so to moulin rouge, which needs no further commentary). Windermere itself is just a pretty town in the Lake district - picture postcard English romance.

    going to see it again too...on sunday :) feels like such a guilty pleasure! But I have to take someone who hasn't seen it and wants to... ah, such a burden!

  2. "If any one is fooled by the same person twice then probably he/she deserves it" - this is one of my favorite quote. Thank God , you didn't fall into that category.

    Such people are very dangerous to the scoiety, as because of what they do people stop helping even those who are really in need of help.

  3. @ Headmistress - Hope you enjoyed Saawariya one more time. More importantly, hope you actually found someone willing to sit through it. :P Yes, I knew about Windermere the town. That is precisely where Wilde derives his character's name from.

    @ Subramani - I know ... but the difficult question is - what do you do about it. How do you tell who is lying and who is not? For all I know, this man might actually have been in need.