Diwali 2007

The reason for an almost half-a-month long vacation from blogging is Diwali. I was away from the second to the twelfth of this month and hence – no blog.

But Diwali was fun. I first went to Indore, my hometown, and spent a few days meeting school friends and running around for my mother. Then we went to Chhatarpur, where my mama lives for Diwali. My entire maternal family had gathered and there was a profusion of children. There were eight of them ranging from one-and-a-half to sixteen years of age and you can imagine the chaos in the house.

Will be away again next week for a conference so there will not be many posts this month. But let’s see how many I can manage in the little days that I have. Meanwhile, here’s wishing this Diwali brings lots of happiness and prosperity to your lives. Happy Diwali!


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