A Crab and a Touch-Me-Not Plant

Hi All! I'm back after a longish break. Visited Vizag, Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark and have a thousand different things to talk about. In fact, there are so many things to talk about that I'm having a very difficult time deciding where to start. I guess things would start coming out one by one. So I start with a couple of nature videos that I made on the way and just uploaded to YouTube today.

First off, is a lovely touch-me-not plant atop Dolphin Hill at Vishakhapatnam. Dolphin Hill is a Navy occupied hill looking over the Vishakhapatnam harbour and has a light house abover it. We actually got to go right up to the top of the light house and the view from there was breath-taking. So, the video and a couple of snapshots.

Flowers of the touch-me-no plant. I never knew they actually had flowers.

Vishakhapatnam harbor from atop the light house. The long line of stone that you can see are wave-breakers which are deliberately constructed so that the waves break against them and the sea in the harbor remains calm.

View of the sea on the other side.

The next video is that of a crab that we found on the banks of river Bhargavi near Konark. We stopped at the place where the river meets the sea. The place wasn't too picturesque but the tiny little crabs that inhabited the river bank by the thousands made the day. Here is the video. You can hear Shwetabh talking to a fellow tourist in the background.


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