Poets of the Fall Perform at IIT Kanpur

Am just back from my first real rock concert. The Poets of the Fall, a Finnish band performed live for Synchronicity at Antaragni '07. And it was absolutely amazing!

I don't listed to much rock. Especially not hard-rock or metal etc. However, I do listen to soft or psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd. Thus, POTF should not have held much fascination for me. However, the thing about live rock concerts is not the 'music', really. It is the atmosphere. It is the crowd. And it is the stage presence of the performers.

In one word, the atmosphere today at Synchro was electrifying. The evening was kicked-off by the amateur performer/competitor rock bands who made it through yesterday's prelims. I listened to bands who call themselves Rampage and Five8. Rampage's vocalist was really good!

Next came the POTF themselves and the stage was immediately on fire. The setup was complete with fireworks, confetti, lights and smoke. The crowd was mad, crazy and out of control. We (my friends and I) did venture in once but then came out because I could not see much. This was one time that I genuinely regretted not being taller. I'm not the headbanging type but just standing there and feeling the energy levels in the crowd was something.

The performance lasted almost three hours during which neither the performers nor the crowd stopped making noise even for a second. POTF's stage presence was very energetic and they were able to pull the crowd along with them. Their compositions are good and varied.

I'm glad that I got to see such a wonderful performance at my last Antaragni on campus. Don't have any pics because for some strange (and possibly stupid) reason, camera's are not being allowed inside show's at this times Antaragni! But someone somewhere should have some photos. Will share as soon as they get to me.


  1. It ws one the best performance i've evr seen...
    TPOF simply RoCked... they were so energetic n performed with the same enthusiasm throughout the event... without any single sign of fatigue.
    their perfrmnce ws synchronized to its optimal level...
    the way they made the whole crowd sing along with them ws amazing...

    it ws my 1st n last(perhaps) visit to antaragni.. n i'll remember it fr my lifetime...

  2. Me had a camera :) (Courtesy Singhal of course..) clicked some good and some very average snaps. Will send them to you as soon as possible.

  3. @ Abhinav - Jaldi share kar! Yahan sala LAN par ek bhi pic share nahi hui abhi tak.

  4. http://picasaweb.google.com/babar.sharfuddin/Antaragni2007
    babar se bolna aur de de.. he had downloaded a few more from my comp..

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  6. Wow! I'm a big fan of Poets of the Fall. I wish I had been at IIT-Kanpur last year, when they did that gig. Hopefully, I will be an IITian in two years' time. If only they come on tour to India during my college years...

    Cheers! ^_^

  7. @ Firebolt - If you ever get to an IIT, their coming again would pretty much depend on you. You could become the coordinator of the show and call them here. Students do pretty much all of this work at IITs.


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