Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fevicol Alien Advertisement

Saw this new Fevicol ad today. Now, as I don’t watch much TV, I don’t really know how ‘new’ the ad is. Nevertheless, I really liked this one for several reasons and therefore I link it here.

The first thing I liked about this ad was that it features aliens and yet it is set in an Indian (Rajasthani) village. The ad begins with a woman chiding her husband at not confronting the stupid aliens who broke her matkis. While the woman shouts and cusses at the aliens the men watch wide mouthed. After that the aliens speak in alien-speak for a moment then realize that they have to speak in Hindi. The alien speaks in Hindi next in a nice nod to Sholay’s legendary “Gaon walon …” dialog. It seemed to me a very funny take on the whole concept of aliens speaking English in most of the Hollywood movies.

Next, the aliens begin taking away the gravity of earth. So do the villagers scream and run and shout and create a pandemonium like they do in Hollywood movies? No! They just sit and enjoy the show. What else do you do with these pair of strange looking creatures doing all sorts of antics in your village?!

The aliens finish taking out gravity and everything begins flying into space. We see a shot of Earth from space. And we see India in prominence, larger than it actually is and occupying a central position. The villagers become a little alarmed at the loss of gravity. But is it a city dwelling urban-educated scientist who saves them? No! They don’t have to run to a city know-all to get their solutions! They just trust their own down to earth, practical rural intelligence. They pour Fevicol into a well and what can bind better than Fevicol? Gravity thus is back to normal.

Excellently crafted. Absolutely loved it.


  1. Their ads are impressive....and this one was also gr8(I can feel d loneliness of ur T.V!)...however their latest ad is not so cool

  2. Oglivy and Mather all the way ( the agency that does the ads for Pidilite)

    The interpretation you did was something not everyone will come down to when they see the ad. This is one of the reasons i think this ad is not as good as the other fevicol ones.

    Nevertheless, it's good.

    Plus you've given me an idea; i'll start reviewing ads as well.

  3. @ Aneesh - This post has given a lot of people a lot of ideas. Ma'am is now thinking about doing a paper on ads. :)